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Take away all desire...Or Satisfy it

Eros. Ego

14 January 1989
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Eros Ego

Leading an ordinary life in the most extraordinary way. I go by a lot of names, I basically go to school, sulk and do it all over again the next day. My journal is just an outlet of some sort. Reminds me of the mundane life I really live. Online friends are welcome but I'm just some sort of flash in the pan. Don't be fooled.

I run Anjikaraoke after my "ordinary" day job and have fun doing it. If I could make a living off of it I would. I also maintain Sozai world community. Sozai makes any boring entry interestingImage and video hosting by TinyPic....or elusive in my case.

If you have beef with me...consider me a vegetarian I don't have time for you. Keep it cute or put it on mute. Welcome

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